DevOps : Eon of integrating software Development ,Quality Assurance & Operations

It is time to carry innovation to the forefront again and change the approach and pace of software delivery through development and operations integration, an incremental approach to delivery, automation throughout the delivery life cycle, and continuous delivery and monitoring of systems. All the thing are bundled into a single entity called DevOps.

Need of DevOps:

Some of the problems with the old software development model that leads to the emergence of DevOps are:

  1. There is no single responsible person who would manage the product throughout SDLC from definition of business requirements to the product release.
  2. The Development and Operations teams have different success metrics, each team is interested only in their own work attainment.
  3. There was a lack of communication between Development and Operations teams.
  4. Developers need more knowledge about the target environment, while Operations have no clue what a Development team does.
  5. There is a dissimilarity between development and target environment configurations.
  6. Slow and long delivery processes with unpredictable delivery date.


DevOps ? What is it?

It is a way to bridge the gap between Developers and Operations team for frequent deployments.

DevOps is a set of practices intended to reduce the time between committing a change to a system and the change being placed into normal production, while ensuring high quality.

By Bass, Weber, and Zhu

Characteristics of DevOps

  • Treating “Infrastructure as Code” is fundamental to DevOps
  • Automating the work of setting up and maintaining systems infrastructure
  • Making it defined, efficient, testable, auditable and standardized
  • Automated Testing is part of your pipeline
  • Automated Continuous Integration(CI) / Continuous Deployment (CD) pipeline, automated application deployment
  • Logging & Traceability of all changes
  • Getting development and operations to work together
  • Applying agile techniques to operations
  • Deploy software with speed and confidence


Fig: Six phases of the DevOps life cycle

Advantages of DevOps

  • Improves collaboration between developers and operations specialists by using shared DevOps tools.
  • Facilitates continuous delivery of software by enabling collaborative testing throughout the development and release processes.
  • Automates the manual processes of release management, infrastructure provisioning, orchestration, monitoring, containerization and virtualization.
  • Helps to correct alignments of people and goals by building closer links between developers and operations.
  • DevOps emphasizes breaking down barriers between developers and operations teams, and getting them to collaborate in a way where they benefit from combined skills.
  • Now a days no one likes to wait and same goes to our customer as well, they need products and feature faster than ever, and Organizations certainly need it and reduced time to market cycle.
  • DevOps incorporates customer feedback in the development process to facilitate agile development.

Agile Vs. DevOps:

DevOps and Agile are not exactly the same thing. But they are complementary to each other, in delivering, deploying and processing the things faster. Agile acts like a propeller for DevOps to work faster, to get quality product at the end.

If agile practices are not followed, it is difficult to achieve success in DevOps.

Agile DevOps
The core functionality of Agile is to gather product requirements from clients to development. The aim behind Agile development is Productivity and Reliability DevOps, drives the product from development to operations, or from development to deployment. DevOps has a relatively slower approach in deploying products.


Future Perspectives of DevOps

  • More DevOps automation tools are going to come up. DevOps skills will grow and DevOps will stand there in market.
  • Currently DevOps Engineers are one of the highest paid IT professionals.
  • There is synergy between DevOps and the Cloud. As cloud grows DevOps will also grow.
  • Just a few % DevOps is used in the market so there will be good progression for DevOps looking at the benefits it provides.




Written by

Ms. Priti Kale
Faculty – IIMP- MCA


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