Elections are said to be soul of the democracy and transparency for the socio and economic development of the country. In the today’s world of globalization, e-commerce and high speed network connectivity like 4G can’t we opt for E- Elections..?? The answer is definitely YES …


The main Advantages of E-Elections are.

  1. Soft Ballot paper eliminates the entire configuration of the EVM. (Electronic Voting Machine.)
  2. Huge reduction in the cost due to non-requirement of printing paper ballots, arrangements of polling booths and transportation.
  3. No need to maintain all the details every time except email id and UID (Aadhar card no).
  4. Email Reminders help to increase voter participation by sending reminders to voters who’ve not voted and providing them with a link straight to the online ballot.
  5. Ability to correct mistakes allows voters to go back and correct any mistakes before final submission of their ballot. Once a ballot has been submitted however, it is final and cannot be altered.
  6. Election results will be available within seconds of the close of the election.


Apart from the above few main advantages there are challenges to be overcome before the implementation of E-Elections system.

  1. Authenticating the voters who are not having the e-mail id and UID
  2. Protecting the computers from malware, safeguarding online communication.
  3. One very important challenge is simplicity. For democracy, participation is important and people only participate if they think it is easy and simple.

So to increase participation and transparency we must educate and attract peoples to use new technology and become techno-savvy.

If today’s engineers works on such challenges I think there are huge opportunities of entrepreneurships with the satisfaction of social as well as nation development.

Blog by
Prof. Dhiraj S. Bhagwat
Asst. Prof. (E&TC)
Indira College of Engineering and Management, Pune.

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