A Core Skill for every Professional: Effective Business Communication

The ability to communicate effectively in the work environment is one of the most critical factors in your professional success. Building & maintaining relationships, being able to convey your views on the situations at hand and ultimately achieving the goals that have been set for the individual, team and corporate levels – can only be done, if the standard of business communication is high.

Focus on the following essential elements to develop superlative business communication skills.

Vocabulary: The primary building block of any communication is having a large vocabulary. It is important to keep developing it throughout your life. Reading, talking to people who are excellent communicators, listening to talks and speeches of people who are leaders in their domain – will help to strengthen your word power. It is also necessary to understand the appropriate usage of words based on your audience.

Grammar: Just a wide vocabulary by itself will not improve effectiveness of communication. Grammar is the framework which helps in making the sentences attractive, effective and impactful. Use online grammar tools and tests to validate your sentence formation and structure. Taking lessons from a teacher could also be very helpful in improving your speaking and writing ability.

Jargon: Using new buzzwords and technical jargon might seem exciting and you may feel that you are on the cutting-edge of technology – but a lot of times everyone may not understand. It can also mean different things to different people in different cultures. The idea is to use jargon and technical words sparingly and only when necessary. Focus on getting the message across in straight-forward sentences to avoid ambiguity in communication.

Content: No amount of vocabulary, grammar and jargon will benefit, if your knowledge of the subject is limited or insufficient. It is tempting to use jargon and power words to cover up the lack of actual content. Eventually people will see through it and will not take your opinions seriously. Widen your technical and professional knowledge, read regularly, stay connected to the trends in your domain and broaden your horizons by reading and understanding subjects that are not necessarily within your work sector.

The truly successful people use every interaction to learn something, to sharpen their thought-processes and widen their knowledge. All of us should strive to do the same.

Blog by

Mr. Sandeep Pathak
Corporate Trainer & Visiting Faculty at ISC
At Indira School of Communication

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