A Teacher’s Mission Statement

After having explored and experienced 2 decades of professional work life, I have got this  firm belief that true happiness in life lies not in reaching the so called destination but pursuing the journey itself.  To me, the biggest purpose of life is to live a life with a deep sense of purpose. My aim of life is to positively impact the future of our world. I believe that the true goal of a teacher or an educator is not to teach content or impart knowledge but to prepare the students to be good citizens of the world and  well-rounded human beings to do well in their chosen profession.

To help shape a dream, to provoke somebody to think, to ignite somebody’s passion, to provide direction and to help someone evolve in their life journey, having these kind of opportunities is what I value the most as a teacher. I believe teaching is more than making a living, it’s a noble purpose for living on this planet. It’s a golden opportunity to explore and learn and thereby make myself a lead learner. I teach the students, make mistakes, navigate road blocks- all these immensely contribute to my learning and these incremental  learning adds new meaning to my life  journey.

We are living in a world, where some people give all the reasons why we shouldn’t, won’t or can’t. But I believe the others who say why we should, will and can. I take inspiration from such individuals and I also think, this is our job as teachers and educators to transmit messages of positivity and possibilities. I am proud to belong to a community who reach out and make a difference to our everyday lives. Touching lives, making positive differences and thereby making this world a better place – the thought of doing some of these or all of these, is what brings me to my work place and keeps bringing me everyday. The deep sense of fulfillment and the pleasure in teaching is unparalleled, compared to what I experienced in my early part of professional life. For me, the joy of seeing positive changes and the joy of seeing evolved students knows no bounds.

Finally, I do firmly believe that many big things are a result small small things done by lot of individuals. Small small action of many individuals leads to big visible differences in our life. It is the teacher who as a catalyst can catalyse the people for action and also create other catalyst to become a force multiplier. Change becomes much easier when everybody seeks change. I as a teacher operate with this hope that future has to be better and it can be better and we the teacher community can catalyse action to make the world a better place. Because, the ultimate purpose of education is action and if there is no action then there is no education. I understand this and I live this philosophy.

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Prof. K P Mishra
Indira Institute of Management, Pune.

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