Behavioral Training and Business Performance

The success of an organization is logically linked to the actions of its people in the right direction at right degree. In today’s global competitive environment only performing yesterday’s action (s) has no assurance of success and organizations need to constantly reinvent the wheel in order to stay ahead of its competition. In other words it is the learning organizations that can create and maintain the right culture of continuous learning for its people to strive for best practices.

Post globalization, a policy has been adopted by Indian Govt., human resources and training departments have been making investment in its people through various training and development initiatives with a hope that it will reap them multifold benefits in future. However, unless these initiatives are being properly tracked and measured it is difficult for top brace of the organization to ascertain the effectiveness of its training and development program.

It is important to investigate the impact of soft skills training programs and learning on employee’s overall performance at work place. Since training programs always have the objective of individual behavioural change; it is very essential to measure the actual performance improvement caused by specific training program. It is essential to measure the soft skills trainings’ ROI since companies spend humongous energy, time and money to ensure all employees go through various trainings such as be technical or behavioural in nature and hence, it is paramount important for them to analysis and measure the Return on Investment (ROI) as far as training is concerned.

By Prof Rupesh Andhrutkar,
published in

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