Benefits of Mechanical Engineering

Benefits of Mechanical Engineering

If you are thinking about a prominent career option, then Engineering is one of the career options in the list. Living standers are increasing every day and reaching the sky. An increase in living standards makes a human want more and more convenience in day to day life, which in turn demands technological growth.

Three basic engineering branches considered are Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Electrical engineering. What is Mechanical Engineering? The answer is very simple “Mechanical Engineering is the discipline that applies the principles of engineering into the design, analysis, manufacturing and maintenance of machines and mechanical production techniques.” As per the definition, anything which is moveable comes understudy of Mechanical Engineering. So as a student of engineering if your interest is anything about designing or development of machines, then Mechanical Engineering could be a suitable course for you. Right from nanoengineering to aerospace engineering is a specialization of mechanical engineering. Mechanical engineering includes the study of physics, mathematics and even chemical and material science. That’s the reason it is said that it is the most diverse and versatile engineering course.

There plenty of reasons to choose this as a career option. Few of them are listed below:

Verity of career options:

One can choose from the Verity of career options after a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. Different specialization is available such as automobile engineering, marine engineering, Heat Transfer, Thermodynamics and Energy Systems, Manufacturing and many more prominent areas.

Mechanical Engineering is the jack of all other branches:

As the study of mechanical engineering includes diversified subjects, you will get knowledge of each field such as chemistry, laws of physics, structures and computer application. Furthermore, it includes an in-depth study of economics, social and environmental aspects.

Spend your life with tools and technology:

if your interest is all about machines and technology you will get an opportunity to spend the rest of your life exploring tools and technology. Solving a complex problem is your passion, then you would enjoy working in this discipline.

Contribute to society:

Technology in the right hands makes a lot much difference in society. By solving complex problems and the use of technology makes everyday life much simpler and easy. A simple example of elevators which makes

Is very easy for living in Highrise buildings and made a revolution in society. A bright mind with the right set of skills and technology can bring revolution in society and inspires future generations.

Admission to Mechanical Engineering course:

Admission to top engineering colleges in India is based on the entrance test. JEE Mains is the most acceptable entrance test in all colleges, while some deemed universities may conduct their own tests. For admission in Engineering colleges in Maharashtra, candidates must give either MH-CET or JEE Mains. Candidate must register with the DTE CAP admission process and follow notification published on the DTE website ( The eligibility criteria for engineering are 50% in 12th Science with the PCM group with a relaxation of 5% in marks, i.e. 45% marks for the backward category of students. For diploma passed out students, there is a separate admission to the direct second year of engineering.

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