Career growth in BBA (Innovation & Entrepreneurship)



True innovation is coming up with a product that the customer did not even know they needed




Business innovation is an organization’s process for introducing new ideas, workflows, methodologies, services, or products. Today’s era is having so much competition and everyone is trying to introduce something creative and new to the market which satisfy the need of the customer. Many start up business are there, many well settled entrepreneurs are there in the market. Whatever the status, everyone must face the challenge of change. Business must move with the flow of requirements. Because of cutthroat competition, tough fight by MNCs it’s become very difficult to be stable and sustain the market.

The objective of BBA in Innovation & Entrepreneurship program is, demonstrate an understanding of the concepts and role of innovation and Entrepreneurship in economic development, analyze the strategies of new ventures and existing firms for the growth and development, develop a business plan for innovative social and commercial startup ventures, evaluate the ethical issues in managing small and medium enterprises.

After completion of this course, students can start their own firms as well as we can go for better opportunities in many national & international firms. The BBA graduates can work in multiple areas like Marketing, Sales, Business Strategy, Branding, Business management, Business analysis, Product designing, Product advertising, Marketing research, Market survey and analysis, Sales management etc., because Every sector of the business required the innovation, and everyone is trying to build up USP on different parameter. So, there is requirement of innovative mind which can start or lead the business with creativity and new things. Right now, you can see many innovative products are coming into the market making prove that “true innovation is coming up with a product that the customer did not even know they needed”. So, it is most important to run behind the innovation in business. Few of the career opportunities are mentioned here after completing the course, Assistant Manager, Business Consultant, Business Reporter, Chief Human Resources Officer, Commercial Banker, Executive/Office Assistant, Finance Controller, Franchise Operator and many more opportunities students can create at their own either boost the existing businesses.

-Dipak Umbarkar

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