Careers and Opportunities of BBA- Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Students with a BBA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship have the choice of founding or participating in their own business or working for a number of companies in India and overseas.

Marketing, sales, business strategy, branding, business management, business analysis, product design, product advertising, marketing research, market survey and analysis, sales management, and more fields are available to BBA graduates.

All of these employment categories are rapidly expanding in both local and foreign markets, with a steady need for skilled workers.

Our BBA program is designed to prepare you to be a highly disciplined and productive professional capable of addressing the demands of these markets.

BBA Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Programme primarily plays four roles to help an individual to become an entrepreneur.

They are:

  • Stimulatory Role: It aims at influencing people in large number to be the entrepreneur. This includes:
    1. developing managerial, technical, financial, and marketing skill
    2. inculcating personality traits
    3. promotes and reforms entrepreneurial behavior and values
    4. identifying a potential entrepreneur applying scientific methods
    5. motivational training and building a proper attitude
    6. strengthening the motive of a person and giving recognition
    7. the valuable know-how of the local products and the processes help in the selection of products, preparation of project reports
  • Supportive Role: It helps in the following ways:
    1. registration of the business
    2. procurement of fund
    3. Incubation support
    4. Team building and team development support
    5. Mentorship and guidance from industry experts
    6. Providing tax relief, subsidy, government schemes etc.
    7. guidance in product marketing
    8. support for management consultancy
  • Sustaining Role: It aims at providing an effective safeguard to businesses to sustain against the cut-throat market competition. This includes:
    1. help in modernization, expansion, and diversification
    2. additional financing for further development
    3. Global Networking Opportunities
    4. creating new marketing processes
    5. helping access to improved services and co-working centers
  • Socio-economic Role: It aims at upgrading the socio-economic status of the public and includes:
    1. identifying entrepreneurial qualities in practicality
    2. creating employment opportunities in micro, small, and medium industries on an immediate basis
    3. arresting concentration of industries by supporting regional development in a balanced manner
    4. focusing on the equal distribution of income and wealth of the nation
    5. channelizing the latent resources for building an enterprise

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