Entrepreneurship – The Future of Today

Entrepreneurship – The Future of Today”

National Conference – Conference Report

14.10.2010 – 16.10.2010

Organized by

Shree Chanakya Education Society’s

Indira Institute of Management’s

Post-Graduate Research Centre
We are indeed happy to present the National Conference on ‘Entrepreneurship – The Future of Today’ at Indira Institute of Management, Pune arranged from 14.10.2010 to 16.10.2010. The trigger for this conference remains the emerging importance of Entrepreneurs contributing to the economy of the Country.

As a Post Graduate Research Centre of Indira Institute of Management, Pune, we strongly feel that we should provide a platform to debate, discuss and deliberate the problems, inherent to entrepreneurship and provide solutions for the budding entrepreneurs, management students and faculty.

Conference Objectives:

To understand the emerging trends and opportunities in Entrepreneurship.

To provide basic information on entrepreneurship through a series of technical sessions.

Entrepreneurship has emerged within the past 30 years as a distinctive discipline within the field of Business and Management. Research has shifted from an individual-centric approach which has sought to understand entrepreneurship by focusing on those individuals who exhibit entrepreneurial behaviors towards an environment-centric approach which seeks to locate and understand the situations in which entrepreneurs are found.

Entrepreneurship is important for the continued dynamism of the modern economy and economic growth. The aim of this conference is to explore government regulations and reforms, private sector initiatives, and financial sector developments that affect the creation of new firms, the average size of firms, and the dynamism of incumbent firms.

We sincerely acknowledge the paper presenters and delegates without whose efforts this conference would not have taken place. A number of people including the students of our Institute have contributed to successfully organizing this conference. We are grateful to each and every one for their help.

The conference started with plenary session during which the following guest speakers spoke on different aspects of Entrepreneurship.

 Prof Pandit Mali, Director (In-charge) as the chief guest, emphasized on the mindset required amongst students to pursue entrepreneurial career.

 Mr. Ajay Phatak, Founder-CoreObjects and Mr. Neeraj Shah, Director – Silverbright spoke on their experiences as entrepreneurs and how to overcome obstacles and sustain the business.

 Mr. Harshwardhan Gupta, Founder-Neubauplan Machine Design Studio, spoke on the ‘Dos’ and ‘Don’ts’ of Entrepreneurship especially in the Indian Context where ‘Jugad’, in his opinion, is the way of doing business.

The Plenary Session was followed by academic paper presentations. Out of 20 full papers accepted, 10 authors presented their papers at this conference. The session was chaired by Dr Dilip M Sarwate, Professor Emeritus and Certified Management Consultant and co-chaired by Mr. Abhay Gujar, Senior Investment Planner.

The presentations were a mix of primary and secondary research and case studies. The topics varied from problems faced by women entrepreneurs, sustaining entrepreneurship in the 21st century, and effects of entrepreneurship on economic growth.

The presentations continued on the first half of the second day. Technical sessions were conducted in the second half. First speaker, Mr. Diwakar Keskar, Regional Officer – Maharashtra Centre for Entrepreneurship Development spoke on the activities of MCED and how it is helping Self Help Groups and grass root entrepreneurs start their firms and sustain themselves. The next speaker, Dr. Dilip M Sarwate, spoke on the effective use of marketing research by entrepreneurs. Dr. Sayali Gankar, Director – MITSOM, the third speaker, spoke on entrepreneurial motivation and methods of achieving the goals.

The conference concluded with the valedictory session wherein awards were given to the first three papers. The awards were given to:

1. First Prize: Prof Nitin Matakari, Prof Vijay Nishandar, Prof Pankaj Vyvahare for their paper – Rural Entrepreneurship – The GLOCAL Way – KCES’s College of Engineering and IT, Jalgaon.

2. Second Prize: Prof Rashmi Kanitkar for her paper – The role of entrepreneurship in economic growth and Development with Reference to Social entrepreneurship – VIM, Pune.

3. Third Prize: Prof Dr R Balasubramaniyan for his paper – The impact of Women Entrepreneurs on empowering women in India – DG Vaishnav School , Dept. of Economics, Chennai

Vote of thanks was given by Dr Shriram Nerlekar, Deputy Director (Academics and Research)

About the Organizers

Shree Chanakya Education Society was established in the year 1994, under the visionary leadership of Ms. Tarita Shankar, with the aim of providing quality education in the fields of Business Management, International Business and IT. With a modest strength of 60 students pursuing MBA course, Indira Group of Institutes (IGI) has grown steadily and today boasts of 12 institutes, having more than 10,000 students from all pockets of India as well as abroad.

Indira Institute of Management, Pune (IIMP) is a flagship institute of IGI offering MBA, MCA, MMM, MPM and MCM programs of University of Pune (UOP). IIMP is the very first Management institute in Pune and third in Maharashtra to be accredited by National Board of Accreditation of All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE), New Delhi. At IIMP we believe in Value Based Education creating good human being.

In the present education scenario, there is need of good academicians/professionals and researchers who can impart current knowledge of the respective disciplines to the students with up dated tools and techniques and are specialized in the field of research especially in the field of management.

Realizing this urgent need, SCES under the able and dynamic leadership of our Chairperson, Ms. Tarita Shankar, our Group Director Prof Chetan Wakalkar and our Director Dr (Mrs.) Prachee Javadekar decided that Indira Institute of Management should create a center for research for registering students for Ph D in Management and excel in the field of Management Research. The Indira Institute of Management, Pune has been recognized and approved as the Post Graduate Research Centre for Ph. D. in Management by the University of Pune, with Dr Mrs Prachee Javadekar, Director, IIMP, is the Head of Research Centre. The day-to-day activities of the centre are looked after by the research coordinator, Mr. Abhijit P Chandratreya.

PGRC provides guidance to the Ph D students in the following areas of specialization:

Human Resource and Management.

Finance Management.

Marketing Management.

PGRC also conducts workshops, seminars, QIPs etc. related to the field of management for enabling faculty and professionals to become more research oriented.

Contact Details:

Mr. Abhijit P Chandratreya



“Tapasya”, 85/5A, New Pune Mumbai Highway, Thathawade, Pune 411033 MAHARASHTRA

Tel: +91 – 20 – 66739830, 66739727, 66739868

E-mail: pgrc.iimp@indiraedu.com visit us: http://www.indiraiimp.edu.in/

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