From Anthropocentrism to Ecocentrism

World Environment Day


The legends say that the human body is made up of five super elements collectively called ‘Panch Mahabhoot’; Earth, Water, Air, Fire & Ether. It depicts the connection between us & ‘Nature’ and the harmonious relationship for an effective coexistence. However, from the advent of the Anthropocene epoch, wherein human activities have had a dominant impact on the climate and the environment, these five great elements were increased, decreased, polluted or exploited to a level of extinction. Consider a condition where there is an imbalance of certain elements in our body, the body becomes sick and it is true to our environment too.

Need of Protecting our Environment:

Human activities, like indiscriminate deforestation, unplanned urbanisation, extreme industrialisation, over-population and excessive land, water, air & soil pollution and above all his ‘greed for more’ are the key factors causing environmental degradation which ultimately hampers our ecosystem.

This environmental degradation leads to many dreadful consequences like scarcity of resources like water, minerals, food etc. It leads to loss of biodiversity causing the extinction of countless plant and animal species, degradation in the quality of air and fertile land affecting the entire earth. Environmental degradation is responsible for ozone depletion, soil erosion and a major cause of extreme climatic conditions like global warming, severe floods etc. This in turn gives rise to numerous diseases, pandemics along with physical and mental issues.

In an age where humans are celebrating their dominance over nature and other living beings while considering themselves above the ecosystem, he forgets that he is a part of the ecosystem. It is time to measure success, economic growth and wealth in the form of restoration of the ecosystem. It’s time to rewind and live in harmony with the environment in order to survive the apocalyptic consequences of our thoughtless and ruthless deeds.

How can we contribute to the Restoration of the Environment?

Although we have long passed the threshold of restoring the environment long ago, we can still try to protect our environment while optimistically thinking for the best.

Every individual, organisation and society must undertake activities that will help to protect our environment and restore the ecosystem.

Here are a few ways:

  1. Say ‘No’ to excess: No matter what, there is always something excess which you consume/utilise every day may it be food, water, fuel, electricity, plastic etc. avoid everything which is not important.
  2. Prefer ‘reusable’ over ‘single use’: Consumables like cups, utensils, straws, bottles, grocery bags etc. cause pollution during production and pollution after its use. Hence, prefer reusable substitutes.
  3. Save Water: Water is the elixir of life and it should be saved, kept clean and utilised properly. Small things like switching the tap off while brushing, shaving, checking the leakages and taking a shower instead of a bath will save nearly 100 litres of water per day per person.
  4. Extensive Plantation: Every individual must plant and nurture at least one tree and help the cause. Organisations must do it on a larger scale. It will help in keeping the air clean and prevent soil erosion. This will help in keeping the environment cooler preventing global warming and restricting the use of hazardous gases like CFC etc.
  5. Switch to renewable sources of energy: Depletion of fossil fuels like petrol, diesel, coal, etc. is alarming. They are consumed so voraciously that there won’t be anything justify for future generations. Hence, we must switch to renewable sources of energy like Solar energy, Wind energy, Hydro energy, Tidal energy, Geothermal energy, Biomass energy etc.
  6. Walk, Carpool, use Bicycles & Public Transport: It’s time to make a few changes in our lifestyle. A small initiative like walking instead of biking for a short distance. Using bicycles, public transport and carpooling for daily commuting will make a huge difference.
  7. Other things like, switching off the unused electronic gadgets, buying locally, preferring secondhand products etc. can help to reduce pollution and build a sustainable ecosystem
  8. Avoiding excessive use of papers, printing on both sides, trading books with friends, using libraries instead of buying new books, preferring eBooks etc. are few ways to avoid deforestation for paper.
  9. Avoiding excessive use of chemicals in farming and stopping hazardous industrial wastes from entering into rivers, lakes and oceans.
  10. Pick your litter: Every individual must take up the responsibility of picking their litter, separating wet & dry garbage etc. and not wait for local authorities to do so.
  11. Education: Spreading awareness amongst the mass regarding the prevention of the environment especially in young people will be of great help.

Effects of COVID19 on Environment:

The Corona pandemic had both positive and negative effects on the environment. Owing to the slowdowns and lockdowns, there was a decrease in industrial production, transportation, tourism, education activities which elevated the quality of pure air and water. On the other hand increased use of PPE kits, face masks, hand gloves and other hospital wastes and their haphazard disposal raised concerns of health complications.

Initiatives at Indira Group of Institutes (IGI), Pune:

IGI is always at the forefront in advocating a greener and cleaner environment through numerous initiatives like tree plantation, arranging eco-tours, arranging lectures of prominent environmentalists on different environmental issues.


The world is facing environmental crises. Human activities have hindered biodiversity and in turn, degraded the ecosystem. However, human history is full of testimonies that they can take any challenge head-on and have triumphed over the situation with their intelligence and will. With proper planning and dedicated efforts, we together can restore our ecosystem and strive for a greener and cleaner environment and live in harmony with nature.

Let’s pledge to pass on the legacy of a better environment to the generations to come by changing our attitude from Anthropocentric to Ecocentric on this World Environment Day.

Wishing you all a happy World Environment Day 2021.

-by the Branding Team

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