Future of Android App Development in Mechanical Engineering

Are you a fan of technology? I know I am, and I like to research and invent new technology that can change the world of a mechanical engineer in various ways. So I wanted to share my ideas with you, i.e., Future of android app development in the area of Mechanical Engineering.

In today’s era, if we look at the rapid development of smartphones then can we think over the app development for various mechanical design and analysis software? As we know these software require more than 4 GB ram and processor with good processing speed. Is this requirements fulfilled in the latest available smartphones?   The answer is “Yes”, these requirements will fulfill with the smartphone development which is continuously in progress.

As we are aware that android is open source, Linux Kernel based software and copyright holder provides the rights to study change and disturb the code for research and development purpose. Similarly OpenFOAM is also open source software and which is available for development of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) codes. If we use android and OpenFOAM for the development of CFD analysis android app development for specified applications, it will save huge cost. In similar way we can develop the app for design purpose.



This is the path for development of app and with this we will develop various mechanical design and analysis app for the ease of a mechanical engineer.

With the smartphone revolution on full swing, android is a platform to stay in the extremely competitive markets across the globe and it will provide the Mobility of work for mechanical engineers.

Prof. Rahul Bajaj
Asst. Professor

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