Importance of Regular Studies

Smart Work

Whenever you prepare for the exam, your regular study plays an important role. You might read many articles of toppers, they just says that regular study helped them to get this position. Yes that is the key for success. You can do the best preparation with the help of regular studies. Outcome is the combined result of smart work and the hard work but it’s more about smart work. Smart work is doing regular study and hard work is doing all at single time. Studying regularly boosts up your confidence level. Your reputation in the class also increases.

Making regular study a habit

A core goal of education is to create lifelong learners. Success in the workplace requires an ability to pick up new high-quality knowledge. The foundation for these learning skills is the study habits that are acquired early in school. After all, most learning in life takes place outside the classroom.

We use the term study habits all the time, but we do not often take both parts of that term seriously. Clearly, we want students to study, but what about the habit component?

Habits are actions that people perform automatically and without thinking. The human mind is a habit creation machine that looks for actions performed consistently in a particular environment and allows those actions to be performed again in the same environment without thinking. For example, you don’t have to think about where the light switch is in your bedroom or how to type letters on your computer keyboard. You have done these actions so many times that they have become habits. Similarly, if studying regularly becomes a habit, we really need not bother about making good results in exams.

Make study more effective

We want students to think about the concepts they are learning, but we don’t want the environment to suggest other actions that will get in the way of studying. Here are three things that can make studying more effective.

  • Minimize the Habits of Distraction

In the modern world, children are attached to iPods, smart phones, text messages, Facebook and WhatsApp etc. From early on, children have developed the habit of checking these sources several times hourly. Those habits break into a child’s concentration during study, reminding him or her that it is time to check the phone or computer.

Unfortunately, this multitasking gets in the way of acquiring high quality knowledge. It takes time to shift attention from homework to some other source of information and additional time to shift attention back. Not only does that constant shifting influence the amount of time it takes to get work done, it also affects the quality of the study itself.

To create a more effective work environment, create a distraction-free zone during work time.  Park the portable technology elsewhere in the house.

  • Create a Consistent Work Space for Study

The habits children create to reach all the way down to the level of where they should look to find the tools and supplies they need to study. That means children’s work space should be set up so that they do not need to search each day for pencils, erasers or calculators.

  • Find an Effective Location and Posture for Studying

Modern technology is so flexible that it does not place many constraints on where or how children study. It is common to see a child writing briefly at a desk, then working from a laptop computer on the floor, and then lying down on the couch to read a book.

It is hard to maintain the same level of concentration when lying on the floor or propped up in bed as when sitting at a desk. The body’s habit when lying down is to relax and sleep. It is not helpful for a child to have to fight that tendency when studying. In addition, lying down promotes passive reading. It is hard to take notes or type while lying down. So students who are lying down are playing a less active role in their learning than those who are sitting up.

The advantage of promoting these behaviours is that after a while the habit system kicks in. Eventually, sitting in a consistently structured environment free of distracting technology is simply how studying gets done — now and for life.

Finally, the mantra for doing good results:

  • Study every day, prepare for exactly for the small part needed to keep up to the mark.
  • There is really no need to slog for long hours in studies every time. It’s boring!!
  • Just before the exam, only revision will be required to make yourself confident
  • Since there is confidence, you can have good sleep the night before exam which keeps you fresh during exam
  • The regularity in studies following a routine will bring the much needed success giving good results.
  • It is the taste of this success that will make a student more inclined to study and perform better.
  • In the end, study will never be a burden. To do what you love and love what you do regarding studies will be developed and make you feel happy.

All the Best!!!

Blog by

Indrani Chanda
PRT – English
Indira National School, Pune.


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