Interview Skills Management.

Interview Skills Management.

The ability to actually become a magician is a much desired trait of any teacher/professor when they interact with parents and students. For the student to learn all for better jobs through interviews and placements and unlearn all regarding their quirks and lack of knowledge within a matter of days is actually doing MAGIC. I often say that if you haven’t learnt mannerisms and etiquette and grooming until you turn 20(and you will have many opportunities to do so in school and college) then we cannot do magic in 6 months to 1 year. We can only show the path and polish those to show the fine edges but, not more than that.  Workshops will build awareness and not habit. English speaking classes will be like parroting what you learn but not how to adapt to new teachings later in life. These have become like guru mantras that you chant and imbibe every day.
For example, To walk into an interview room with your mobile phone or wish the wrong time of day, or use your own name again while speaking about yourself specially after the interviewer is using your name too are just tip of the iceberg faux pas that a student makes when she/he go for an interview. There are many more.

Over the last couple of years I have seen many students come up with weird, vague, extremely funny and sometimes even curt and witty answers. Anyone who is doing that to impress the interviewers must know that interviewers have been through the same ritual themselves and therefore, are older and wiser in the true sense of the word.

Humility always pays same as knowledge. Unfortunately all that is seen during these interviews are actual etiquette and behaviour patterns which the student exhibits from the moment she/he walks into the room. All that’s being seen and observed is devoid of domain knowledge. If we can churn the wheels of logical thinking and radical behaviour from day one of our business etiquette/ leadership/ knowledge workshops, we will achieve a small but definitely a part of any deal. This is in itself a wholesome achievement on both the professor and the students’ path.

Prof. Hema Anand

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