It’s only when you wear many hats, you understand which one adorns your head the most!

Discover, develop and follow is the philosophy I believe in. Unless I try and test things in life, I would not know what I am “the best” at!

“Is anything other than studies/work is worth the time spent on them?” a question that usually pops up in mind from time to time. Will come back to it later…

When an interviewer asks a question “Tell me something about you”, is it just the academics he is looking for? And if not, then what exactly he wants to know?” – A usual question I hear from every student in my class. In my view, academics is definitely important and lays the foundation of every individual, but it is actually the overall mentoring and experience that prepares a student for a corporate life. My subjects’ majorly organizational behavior, Public Relations, Corporate Communications and media organization gives a theoretical overview and basic working knowledge of an organization, which in my view is very important. However, the implementation of theory using simulation techniques is what is equally important to understand the basic nuances of the so called ‘the corporate culture’.

Initial years in college are transition from being a school kid to being an adult. However, the final year is this adult graduating to a working professional. Now, this transition from campus to corporate happens gradually and does require an understanding of behavioral aspects of students and off course their interests/talents or can we say ‘passion’. Other than the theory concepts….corporate attire, minding one’s body language, team work and presentations skills are usually my prime areas of focus with my students. But most importantly, what I always encourage my students is to discover, develop and follow their passion in life.

I wholeheartedly believe in – “you preach what you are”. So, here is just a glimpse of me… Apart from my usual working and routine arrangements, I pursue my passion in performing arts particularly dancing and also keep experimenting with different cuisines to follow my passion in cooking. In my opinion following your passion with everything what you think as “important” in life is what makes you complete. So, the most apt answer to “tell me something about you” will definitely be academics plus everything else you do to follow your passion in life.

Now coming back to, “Is anything other than studies/work is worth the time spent on them?” So, here is what I have to say – just do it once to experience it. And if your career and passion come together, then it is the most beautiful thing!

Ms. Neha saxena   

Indira School of Communications

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