Knowledge Sharing ….

Knowledge is often seen as a rich form of information.


Knowledge definition in general is Know-how and know why

It got me thinking that about sharing knowledge and information- not just information.

For example f I want to make a cake only procedure is not sufficient, I need list of ingredients require which makes me knowledgeable cook.

Knowledge sharing help an organization or person to meet their objectives.

I have even heard it suggested that to encourage knowledge sharing that an ideas database should be created and ideas are brought to fruition.

It is understood “Knowledge is Power” and is perishable, increasingly short lived

So my personal view by sharing your knowledge, you gain then you lose. If I share a product idea or a way of doing things with another person – then just the act of putting my idea into words or writing will help me to shape and improve that idea.

Fundamentally sharing is about being more open in your way of work and in your relationships with other people.

If you believe that knowledge sharing is the way to help you; your department; team or organization meet its objectives then start to practice it within your sphere of influence and encourage others to do the same.


Blog by:
Dhanamma Hiremath
Indira School of Communications

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