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Today, words like AI (Artificial Intelligence), Big Data, IoT (Internet of Things) are not mambo jambo terms anymore.

So, why big data is a big deal? And why it is a bigger deal for business analysts? To remain relevant and competitive in this ever-changing digital world, Big Data is changing the landscapes of business on a larger scale beyond one’s imagination. Through the help of Big Data, companies get incredible insights of customers wants and behaviour patterns which allows them to devise winning strategies and boost sales.

If you aspire to be a skilled business analyst in business, having sound knowledge of data analytics can assist companies to power big data and reach their goals.

Where do you get started? Indira Global Study Centre’s M. Sc in “Big Data & Business Analytics” program along with FOM University has developed a study program that focuses on the entrepreneurial value of data.

Learn more about Indira’s Top-Ranked Big Data & Business Analytics program:

About the course

You will study the 1st year in Pune, India and 2nd  year in Essen, Germany. Along with the global learning exposure, you’ll gain a piece of in-depth knowledge to understand data science, mathematics and statistics, advanced machine learning tools and techniques, language processing and lot more.

Learn the ultimate path of becoming a data scientist here.

The Big Data boom

In 2019, the analytics industry has grown to $3.03 billion in size and is expected to double by 2025. At present, the analytics industry accounts for almost 21% of the whole IT/ITeS industry in India. This boom opens up job opportunities including the roles of a Big Data Manager or Big Data Analyst, as Product Manager Data Integration, in Marketing as a Market Data Analyst or as a Data Scientist in Research.

Whopping pay scale

IGSC prepares its students to shape up as tomorrow’s managers and business executives, offering exclusive exposure to business opportunities in the area of big data business management. Upon the successful course completion, students can gear themselves to opportunities as they would easily earn Rs 25 – 35 Lacs per annum.

FOM is system accredited by FIBAA

The M. Sc “Big Data & Business Analytics” is also an accredited program. The FOM University is accredited by the Science Council for its achievements in teaching and research. Having this quality seal proves that the quality management of the FOM University meets the high standards of the Accreditation Council. A master’s degree from the FOM University qualifies you for a subsequent doctorate.

Unique features of the program

While we put our focus on upgrading students’ knowledge bar by evolving our pedagogy involving engineering methods, tools and techniques, inclusively including data analytics, machine learning, business intelligence, and data mining, you will also be benefited from:

  • Industry Oriented Certifications
  • International Industry Trainer
  • Hassle Free Loan Approval

Best of International and National trainers

Lecturers from FOM University, Stuttgart, Germany including Prof. Dr. Roger Wilbert Henri Bons, Prof. Dr. Ing. Cornelia, Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Buchkremer, Prof. Dr. Friederike Müller-Friemauth and others lend their knowledge to shape up your career and skills. Industry experts from Canspirit.ai and Inteliment Technologies often give high-level, masterful mentoring, hands-on expertise to help students throughout their learning process.

Thus, drawing on our research excellence in this evolving era, this Masters course in big data and business analytics is designed to give you a competitive advantage in this fast-growing business domain. A big data and business analytics certification from IGSC can confirm your data analytics skills to employers and increase your professional worth. Earning this degree makes it clear that you are passionate about business data analytics and have the competency to successfully support data analytics initiatives.

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