Learning Experience from this COVID19 lockdown period.

Dear friends,

Expecting a few minutes of your valuable time during this covid19 lockdown period to just read my thoughts on this pandemic situation. This covid19 period has been a wonderful learning session for all of us. Not the textual obsolete theories but practically new way to look ahead and be prepared.

Few lessons I thought to pen down as from my point of view as a learning experience from this covid19 lockdown period:

  1. Discipline: This fight is only possible if we are properly disciplined, disciplined in context with physical cleanliness and mental cleanliness. The ones who followed are the ones at home while those who could not become prone to the virus. In our daily fast moving life of cities, we sidelined our discipline.  In the long run, this is not just about the lockdown period but hereafter v need to have self-discipline relating to everything around us. One mistake we commit, it’s finally we who are prone to the outcome of the mistake. The karma effect. What we do to nature comes back. Today we say nature is resetting itself, but somewhere we were the reasons for disturbing our nature. We lost our discipline; we lost our gratitude towards what Mother Nature gifted us.
  2. Survival of the fittest: The one who’s strong not just externally but internally also are the ones who overcame this fight and have recovered. This period of the COVID has made us vulnerable to the unstable economic situation that’s coming ahead of us. The ones who are the fittest will survive. The traditional and outdated will find its way out while the updated and blended will stand strong in the storm.
  3. Sharpen your axe: what we see is the calmness before the storm approaching. Yes, the one who utilizes this period to sharpen the axe and stand strong are ready to face the storm. We could see a big change coming ahead. We had earth before covid19 and now we’ll have new earth after covid19 which will demand the best in class. The demand for the class apart skills which will help people and organizations to compensate what was lost during covid19. So let’s take this time not to sit back but to sharpen our skills. This is not the time to relax but the time to update our systems. Understand the importance of blending or need for a completely new change.
  4. Be prepared for uncertainty: This pandemic has taught us to be prepared for any situations which can never be estimated or even imagined to seen in our forecasting technique. When the whole world was busy preparing for global growth and busy buying the best defence toys to b superpowers, there come this small unseen virus and the whole economy collapses, the best in class defence toys can’t help.
  5. Everything around us is temporary, what’s worth and what stands around us at time of uncertainty is always our family.: We thought money could give us happiness, technology could de-stress us, our assets as our physical possessions, but finally today we see what we value is our relationship, what we struggled for in this lifetime was money and possession and finally, we have landed back to our realities that we were born with the relationship, emotions: love and that’s our real possession. Which brings us to the statement we read in school books: Man is a social animal.

How can we forget the superhero’s who are giving themselves selflessly for us because humanity, love, care, compassion is what holds us together in our Indian culture and value system. And yes finally how can we forget our generous superhero’s of our countries like our dear Ratanji Tata who’s contribution and statement had shown as Apna Tho Apna Hai Paraya tho Paraya hi Rahenge. Even though our whole automobile markets are ruled by foreign companies today, the one who stood for us is the one whom we never considered in our wish list, the one who tried to give us best in all possibilities still we never believed. Wholehearted thanks to all our generous Indians who stood together with our Prime minister to Stand for our nation.

  1. Optimum utilization of available resources & Value the available resources: Who else can first b credited for this than our own mothers who manage our daily food requirements with proper planning and focus on no wastage. No doubt they have been doing this from a long time but this pandemic situation has also brought out their best food management skill. One thing we all have learned and have slowly got habituated now is not to waste food. We have adapted ourselves to stay happy and have satisfied our bodies with what we have in our home and now we have drained all the waste from our body to a good extent. Our body is happy with the best intake we have with lots of emotions. We understand the depth of the term family and most importantly we have time for our family.
  2. Be smart competitor: Understanding the way competitors has played it and have zoomed ahead of supreme leaders to be at the top shows us how smart the competitors can be and how being prepared for a smart competition is the need of the hour and not being preoccupied with the confidence of supremacy in everything. The leader had everything in top-class be it the defence weapons, be it the technology, be it the medical facility, but a smart move by a smart competitor to bring down the leader and your best of the best is of no use and can’t compete for this unknown strategy.
  3. Frame the best strategy and play it at the right time: what we earn from this pandemic situation is the right game plan and the execution of the right strategy at the right time. Today when the whole world fights this pandemic, china takes the leap, the advantage of the situation to become again the supreme exporter of medical products. When the economy of other countries slip down china starts its industrial units and finds a global market set for sales make the best use of the opportunity.
  4. Collaborate to overcome: This pandemic situation has shown us how collaboration plays a vital role. Whether it’s from the competitor point of view or from the leader’s point of view. Join hands to create a strong movement in the market game to bring down the leader, while taking advantage of the situation to collaborate with the declining leaders and others to stand strong and repel the situation.

Let’s understand and accept the change we are going to see coming our way. A total transformation in every industry. An awakening call for us to understand, to act smart and reequip ourselves post this pandemic situation, Not with fear but with confidence, Not with narrow but a broad mindset. Not just for our self but for us for our ecosystem as a whole to coexist. Mother nature was created for us to coexist, as guests and not as permanent residents. Let’s together prepare strong for the change and believe in standing for each other in crises.

Blog By:

Dr. Thomson Varghese.

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