EFR6MXgJ!Fl*OtNd6Wgw!VB^Beyond a thousand miles,
Inside, now, an old barren building
There stood a smile waiting for me

A hand waved, and finally, though
Miles away from home,
I felt like I was home.

I walked 2 steps forward, and 4 back
Too unsure to believe was it really her?
After all this time?

The playground now dull
Was once a source of joy.
I could still hear the screaming of the students
The sound of the dribbling ball
How beautiful it was, when back then,
The only worry was which team would win?

The swings, the slides, the jungle gym
Now lay untouched.
The walls once bright yellow
Were faded now.
Yet, there was something,
So welcoming.

As I walked towards the building
I remembered a hundred stories unsaid.
Adjusting my specs, I clearly saw her.

Her face a little wrinkled
Her back a little hunched
Yet, when I hugged her
The warmth was still the same.

She was surprised at how tall I’d grown.
I was overwhelmed.
How fast had time really gone by?
Wasn’t it just yesterday that is at in her history class?

She wore a neatly ironed sari
Like she did back then
With a bindi exactly in the middle of her brows.
I stood there speechless.
How could I ever thank her
For teaching lessons beyond the text
For being the friend when all left
For believing in me when I didn’t.

As I took in what was left of
The place which once was my solace
She squinted her eyes
Put a hand on her waist
And disapprovingly nodded her head
At my undone hair.
I knew I was home.


Khushbu Bhavnani
Std. XII Commerce
Indira National School

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