Netiquettes: Old Manners; New Platform

Mannerism is the most essential part of our education. It depicts one’s character and upbringing. Etiquettes are most important in our day to day life. From the office to school, from roads to religious places and from the playground to party hall we are governed by certain protocols which we need to follow. Following etiquettes is customary for building a polite society. The best time to inculcate good mannerism is the childhood where minds are sensitive and receptive.

The Corona pandemic has hit the education sector severely. It has altered the traditional method of imparting knowledge in the classroom. It has accelerated the pace of digitalisation as a measure to avoid gathering of people and to save valuable time.

Although ‘Online Learning’ is the need of the hour, it is relatively newer to the majority of the population, especially to the students. Thus it is important to acquaint them with the etiquettes necessary for online learning. We must embrace the change in the world with positivity and with due respect. Here is a list of few good practices which must be followed during online learning.

Prerequisites: The IT infrastructure in our country is substandard, and it is developing sluggishly. It is our duty to ensure that we have access to the best IT infrastructure such as internet connection, computer, mobile, headphone, microphone etc. It will help you in avoiding glitches and other interruptions.

Punctuality: Every student should join the online classroom on time. This will minimise the time wastage and will help in covering the syllabus on scheduled time.

Tidiness: Although online classes are flexible as compared to the regular ones, there should be no compromise in tidiness. Every student should attain the class in uniform and keep his surroundings neat and tidy. This gives a positive vibe and a sense of discipline.

Learning the Platforms: Online school is conducted on various platforms like MS Teams, Google Classroom etc. It is very important to familiarise the students with such platforms and all its features. This will help them to reap the maximum benefit of the class and help them communicate in a better way.

Chatting: Online chatting on such platforms is for the ease of communication. These features should not be used like social-media for gossip or unnecessary chatting. It must be used for educational purposes alone.

Text rules: Students should avoid colloquial abbreviations such as gr8, TC, GM etc. or slangs. It may cause misconceptions. Students are advised to use simple and lucid language. One must avoid ALL CAPS as it is rude to do so. It is good practice to run a spellcheck and grammar check before posting anything.

Microphone rules: Students must ‘mute’ their microphone while the teacher is teaching. You must use it only if it is utterly necessary or asked to do so.

Other rules: One must raise a hand (virtually) before asking or speaking during the class. One must notify the teacher before leaving the screen. Avid eating during class.

Indira Group of Institutes is one of the few institutes in India which has a sophisticated IT infrastructure. It helped us in transforming the traditional education mode to online education mode swiftly. We trained our teachers on all the online platforms through an online teaching-learning program ‘Virtual Vidya’. We at Indira are committed to our students and we ensure that the ‘flow of knowledge’ remains uninterrupted.

Manners differentiate a human from animals. Following proper protocols helps in the smooth running of every system and in turn the Nation.

Time is hard but we can overcome it. Online education is here to stay and it will be best to get used to it as soon as possible. The Corona pandemic has brought out the best in us in terms of cleanliness, health awareness and off course mannerism.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy.

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