Our Vision Your Decision

our vision your decision

‘A stitch in time saves nine’- A very well-known proverb where we all believe the right decision at the right time leads to a right and successful future. We at Indira believe that every child is a manifestation of God and we blend these Godly qualities with the skills required for the 21st Century.

The best school is:

A place where every student is cared respected and treated as one family, A place where every student is challenged and supported to achieve their goals that place is Indira National School.

Parents who are looking for the best CBSE School for their children should look into these features, respect, and concern for students, a culture of mutual support and challenging academic and personal goals.

Indira National School is the best CBSE School in Pune which fosters all the needs under one roof. Being the best school in Pune we follow the curriculum prescribed by the NCERT. We also have our Yearly syllabus planned in such a way that provides extra knowledge by conducting activities related to the concepts.

Huge and spacious school building is the first thing noticed for a safe and healthy learning environment. The facilities like well-ventilated classrooms, big playgrounds, Swimming pool, a multipurpose hall, and a well-equipped library are the biggest asset that one can look forward to in Indira National School.

Reading is the most integral part of one’s life, to develop reading skills age-appropriate books are issued to students. Reading also works as a stress buster, keeping this in mind we at Indira National School encourage students to carry one of their favorite books to school which students can read in class after the completion of the given task.

Trained and qualified teachers with a positive approach towards students are an added advantage that the best school can cherish, which leads to a favorable learning atmosphere. Monthly parent-teacher meetings held lead to encouragement and support for learning activities at home combined with parental involvement in schooling is critical to the child’s education. Various exposures given to competitive exams at an early age work as a stepping stone to get the students ready for the challenging world outside.

 The In house counselor is like a boon to the students, teachers as well as parents to acquire effective tools for handling children with learning difficulties, behavioral issues, and children with special needs.

Indira National School being the best CBSE School in Pune focuses equally on the extra-curricular activities, where children are exposed to various internal as well as external competitions and competitive exams.  Leadership skills and teamwork are also taken care of through such kind of activities.

The Special Assembly is an innovative way of imparting knowledge without stage fear and public performances given to their peers by the students themselves. This caters to the need for independence, resilience, compassion, playfulness and gratification,

The Year plans uploaded on the website in the beginning of the academic year keeps the parents well informed about the school assessments.

The School mobile app is the best option especially for working parents who can plan for the upcoming events well before the child reaches home from school.

A school, we believe, should be a place where children love to be in and not where they dread to go. Give your child the best gift of the future by being a part of Indira National School, the best CBSE School in Pune.


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