Performance Never Dies

Performance Never Dies 

Expression is alive and is performed till it disappears. Performance begins with our consciousness , the wheel of our consciousness rotates all the time , but we hardly realize it. There comes a small period when we realize that ” we are ” performing. It does not occur only when we prepare and perform , But its an ongoing phenomena.

We misjudge that performance only takes place when prepared consciously with a goal ahead. We fail to observe that we perform from morning till night , on a daily basis with our actions , our thoughts , our imagination , our complexities and moreover our emotions.  


Sometimes , we are observed by others and sometimes we exist in solitude where we present our humanly  instincts. At times we observe ourselves or it happens spontaneously with no human spectators , But we do not stop performing . Then we perform in front of the entire existence and  even at this point the definitional qualities of performance exist as performance is widely based on two features , prepare and present , these features exist within the living beings. 


When we keep ourselves in an active mode , the preparation feature becomes more prominent and results in presentation within micro seconds. And when in an inactive mode , our preparation works in a subtle manner because this time our mind builds up the psycho-physical requirements for our needs.

The important aspect of this is to be aware of the whole process, if our mind is aware then our ongoing performance could be even more productive and fertile.  


Subhadip Raha

Creative Director

Indira school of communication

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