Readers and Reading

I started reading from a very young age. When I was five, my mother wanted me to read a
story of Cinderella. I did it without any mistakes or struggles in my pronunciation. My
parents were in awe when they witnessed that. That was when I realised that I really liked to

From then on, I would pick up books in the house and read the titles and the summary written
on the back cover of books, even though I could not understand what any of those words

After that point, there was no stopping me. I read non-stop. I was like a reading machine. By
the age of eight, I was reading novels with small font and no pictures. The first series that I
remember ever reading was The Famous Five series by Enid Blyton.

I took part in various competitions – recitation, story-telling and story-writing – and also
came won many. That just made my love for reading grows. I genuinely don’t remember
what I used to do in my free time apart from just read.

I have carried that love for reading this far. That also got me to start this blog, She Who Likes
to Read. Reading had made me polish my writing skills. It has also broadened my
imagination. I am able to create vivid images in my mind at the drop of a word. My English
is also not that bad!

I think reading and writing is a way of expressing what you feel. It is about getting across
your emotions to the reader. When the readers are able to connect to a writer, that is when
they can broaden their capacity to think and imagine. Also, getting positive response from
readers gets writers riled up to write more for the people who are willing to read.
There are books out there for everyone. Some like non-fiction, some like fiction, some like
history. But until you find the book that you like, you are not going to enjoy reading. The
books that a few of my acquaintances like are very different from the kind of books that I like
to read. But the fact that both of us enjoy reading – in our own ways – is good enough. It is
all about spreading happiness in the world, even if it is through books with depressing
storylines. The more people read, the more authors write, and the more there are books to
read in the world.

Today, I am proud to say that I am a reader. So are my friends. There are a few friends of
mine who started reading just because the others used to read. They love to read now. And I
am glad about that.

A few of my favourite books are The Harry Potter Series and The Hunger Games Series. If
you’re looking for new books to read, I would surely recommend those.
Reader and proud!!!
She Who Likes to Read.


Priyanka Gore
Std X Gamma
Indira National School

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