Recruitment @ B-School – The Changing Landscape

B-School or Management Institute today are incubation centres for developing future managers. Management education has always been considered as a launch pad for business managers, as more and more students are opting for management courses with an aspiration of building a better management career.

Change which is said to be the only permanent thing goes true with the everchanging business requirements which can be seen prominently in the newer products / services.  As the businesses are trying to cope with changing customer needs, so is seen in their recruitment processes used these days. As the industry is undergoing a sea wave of changing business environment, the change cannot occur in isolation with respect to only few business functions of Marketing or Operations.  HR today is experimenting with different innovative selection techniques to get the best talent from the pool of candidates. Thus, it’s important to understand different innovative selection techniques used and its scope to be future ready. Industry today wants employees with not only intellectual quotient but also with emotional quotient. Thus it has become imperative to introduce some innovative approach to identify the right talent. Based on the changing requirements HR today is using following few different selection techniques:

  • Group Personal Interviews
  • Case Study Based GD
  • Situational Analysis
  • Informal Interviews

So what exactly do recruiters look for in a candidate with the help of above new techniques? I believe recruiters have understood that only grades will not signify the suitability of a candidate in a particular job unless and until he / she possess required skills to perform the job in an efficient manner. I would like to see if my prospective employee is a self-learner, can think logically, has the ability to empathise with people, can confidently deal with any situation without losing his / her patience and the most important has self-belief.

Based on above discussion HR today is not only looking for Academics & Aptitude but also Attitude. Recently I came across an addition to the existing Q’s – IQ, EQ and the new revelation for me was DQ (Decency Quotient). Thus, management students will have to really take efforts towards understanding business dynamics (VUCA) and prepare themselves in the required direction rather than just focusing on traditional areas of GD & PI. It’s time management students should not focus on securing a job but securing a well deserving job.


Blog by 
Prof. Aatish Zagade
Asst. Professor (IGBS)

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