Reverse Migration… Need of the hour

Rising urbanization has created many opportunities for the youth. People especially the youth is seen migrating towards the cities from the villages. This is either in search of better jobs, better facilities like education, health and ultimately higher standard of living. Not only the learned but the uneducated have options for livelihood in the urban. Cities also provide various sources of entertainment. Although it has brought positive reform and development but it has its dark side as well.

Due to migration the percentage of unproductive land in the rural regions is increasing. Villages are deserted and can see very less percentage of young population. The senior citizens in the family are justify with no one to take care of them.

Time has come when the reverse trends should be seen where people are moving from the cities to rural areas more and more people should decide to move out of the cities to enjoy a peaceful living in rural areas. They should feel it reasonable to consider moving to a place where the pace of daily activities is slower, groceries are cheaper and the air is cleaner.

Actual reverse migration will set in, if an individual finds that the rural region from where he migrated to make a living is providing enough employment opportunities.

PURA (Providing Urban Amenities in Rural Areas) is the concept given by our late President Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam with an aim of transforming rural India. Through this scheme he envisioned at making rural areas as attractive residing areas for the middle class by providing access to similar amenities that cities provide. With PURA Dr. Kalam aimed to create and sustain jobs for the rural youth.

SAGY(Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojana) is an initiative by the Indian Government which will help in arresting rural-urban migration. This scheme encourages the Members of the Parliament to identify and develop one village from their constituency and develop it as a model village thus aiming at covering and developing more than 25,000 villages with 800 odd parliamentarians in our country. Thus one good village will inspire the entire area to develop, thus creating a viral effect.

With the government initiative of reverse migration, significant economic development in the rural areas is observed. Substantial assistance provided by the government in the form of economic and educational support is already driving this trend further. This will help create many more entrepreneurs in prevalent activities like farming, dairy, poultry, and goat rearing by providing a single window service for all those interested in reverse migration.

Some benefits of reverse migration are strengthening agricultural, development of small businesses, Promotion and development of local crafts, improved health services in rural areas.

Thus, holistic development of the rural region will accelerate the momentum of Reverse Migration.

Blog by
Dr. Punam Bhoyar,
Associate Professor- (IIMP)

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