Role of the Java in IOT To escalation of the Business

In the current era Internet of Things (IoT) ruling the world and IoT has been also known as a component of upcoming internet and ubiquitous computing. It also creates a truly elegant atmosphere to get connected with everything everywhere at any time.  It consists of the distributed architecture with rich assorted components, and many more .This article provides the significance of Java for (IoT) to key up the business. The Java for IoT acts as a bond joining the various domains of applications communicating over diverse interfaces. First, to enable the better understanding of the current gap and upcoming instructions in this field a all-inclusive review of the existing systems for IoT is provided. And it also proposed for Business enhancement /growing system, and based on that feature field wise classification is performed on the existing IoT on business.


Internet of things cabinets a dream wherein internet will be part of physical entities inculcated in day to day life. It doesn’t mean that physical objects will be exchanged by virtual ones indeed it means that they will be worked remotely and will serve as a physical access points to internet facilities. The internet on things dream is stuck by the conviction of constant progress & innovations in communication technology, Electronics & Information technology.

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Prof. Pradip Patil 
Assistant Professor, IIMP (MCA)

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