Several Effective conducts of Managing people at workstation

Train people well so they can leave, treat them well so they don’t do, if you care for your staff they will care for your customers. Give full autonomy to your team it will push them to give their best which in turn will strengthen their skills. Managing people requires consistent level to be maintained of working with other humans, they should be able to motivate in such a way so that it influences their productivity and directly correlate with morale of the employees. Leaders must communicate transparently so that everyone are on same page to achieve larger goals and creates sense of fairness. They must have the ability of stepping into your teammate’s shoes viz. empathy to understand their strength and problems instead of just expecting sacrifice & resilience. Lastly recognise their efforts and contributions which will build the confidence of an individual and motivate them to work harder in the line of organisation’s goals.


Blog by:

Prof Amrita Karnawat

Assistant Professor, Indira School of Business Studies

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