Six Thinking Hats …..

When life suddenly throws us a hard time and everything becomes tough and frustrating. When we are unable to deal with challenges life throws at us. What if our hurdles are just the testing times of our ability to resolve issues and our maturity. Most of us never really see such situations that way. Instead we simply curse ourselves for being into the situation.

Every problem we face or come across has a purpose to make us better and efficient person. It not only makes us efficient but also makes us stronger to think and act above the problems in a better way.

So Why not think it this way! Where we analyze, get facts and solve everything in a logical approach! Yes I am talking about Thinking Hats.

Let’s Get Started…. Six Thinking Hats……




White Hat: It is also called white paper which signifies clarity. This deals with the situation where one can find facts, details, data and all the important information. This is supposed to be without any subjectivity and a neutral approach will serve the purpose.

Red Hat: It is also states fire and warmth. This hat urges you to give importance to your intuition. Follow what your heart says. List all the hunches you have in your mind. Share your fears, likes and dislikes.

Black Hat: It signifies a judge which a black coat who is stern. Manages the thinking process by being prompt and curbing biased opinions. It helps you in thinking critically about the problem. It will help you find the reasons about what is going on.

Green Hat: This colour of the hat signifies vegetation. Which also leads to rich growth. It brings out a creative thinker in you. It generates new ideas and opportunities to solve issues rather than following the same approach again.

Blue Hat: The blue color represents cool and calm approach. It analyses the other hats and becomes an organized thinker. Put everything under a process and decides the action plan. This helps not only deriving the idea but also executing the same for the results and betterment.

Yellow Hat: Sunshine, beginning of the day. It denotes new beginning. After the ideas are derived the logical reasons are given as to why the idea is useful. This hat signifies optimism and urges

‘I believe that this approach benefits us in all over improvement. It gives us the ability to take risk and generates understanding of thinking multiple perspectives on an issue. It is a useful mechanism for focus thinking and leads to more creative thinking.’

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