Sustainability and Education

Business schools and Management Education Institutions across the world have traditionally focused on standard elements of corporate governance. In a globalized world, management education has seen rapid strides in adopting new and innovative curriculum design in line with the some of the important trends and advances in development. The 2002 Earth Summit clearly laid down the path of future sustainable development recommending among other issues the internationalization of educational systems at all levels of learning Since the United Nations declared 2005 – 2014 as the decade for Education for Sustainable Development, the subject has been a hot topic in schools.

Education for Sustainable Development incorporates key environmental challenges like climate change into core subjects like math, science and art, and involves modifying the teaching-learning process to a more all-encompassing approach. Students are thus able to relate what they learn in the classroom to their real life actions, and will increasingly be in a better position to take the lead in changing behaviours and adopting sustainable lifestyles; the more this type of education is adopted.

As schools no longer function in isolation, their integration with the world outside has exposed students to different people and cultures’, giving them the opportunity to appreciate what the planet offers, while respecting the need to use resources efficiently and responsibly.

Initiatives taken by Indian Business Schools and Universities

  • Environmental management systems
  • Sustainable development
  • Curricular innovation
  • Campus greening
  • Energy, water, recycling, waste management
  • Planning and design of campuses
  • Staff and student initiatives
  • Smart Classrooms

In Short we all must follow,

Sustainable way to life

  • Educate young children about Going Green.
  • Plant tree
  • Follow CSR Activities.
  • Avoid throwing waste material and toxic items in water
  • Go for water conservation
  • Save energy
  • Avoid plastic bags
  • Use solar energy

Have a Green Sustainable life.


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