The Sweat behind the Metallic Shine..!!

                             11:45 pm:  Sir, I am unable to find the logo of this INUXU company, what do I do?
                             Umm..hang on a minute, let me check..!!
                             11:46 pm : Sir, I have mailed you the file. Good night.

You might be wondering why the person didn’t wait for even a minute, well I empathize with him. I am actually thankful that he was courteous enough to exchange pleasantries and disconnect the communication. Had I been in his place I would have sued him and dragged him to court for infringement of my privacy, threatening me after barging in my house worse in my bedroom, emotionally blackmailing me – all this for completing the trophy designing work!!

This was not the only incident which actually endangered my right to freedom in this Republic of India, but one among the many such events that at times made me realize – You will end up in jail..!!!
There was an order for 100 trophies, which increased to 140 with just 2 days to go to the event, 175 with a day to go and finally to 27 trophies still needed in middle of the event. Amazing

In the last 72 hours, I had screamed and yelled at the trophy workers, the store manager and also the store owner, who happens to be a female. In the last 72 hours, a person who is chivalrous, gracious, Good Humored and Gentlemanly (atleast he believes he is) had become a cantankerous patronizing devil
Yes, I plead guilty to all this offence.

The conversation at the beginning was a mutual understanding between Mr. Designer and Me that he will mail me the complete work provided I step out of his house first.

This was the hysteria associated with yet another event at our Esteemed Organization and the intensity and magnitude of which can be measured with the very fact – that even after concluding the first day of the 2 day event, we were still running from pillar to post busy getting trophies, their stickers with the names, designations, company names, award titles etc. etc. for the guests who gave their last minute confirmations or if I can say they gatecrashed our event and in the process gate-crashed my happiness.

The only silver lining that I found out after hours pondering over the entire fiasco was that I can do just everything on this planet, a good Business management Graduate, who is a better communicator, knows how to get the work completed, who can leverage his contacts with the service providers and who enjoys a good credibility among them. Well, I am actually blowing my own trumpet 🙂 something that I have learnt from the political parties & a prominent leader and I hate this fact.

All the marketing, persuasion, negotiation skills learned from the textbooks were tested in this event and I can now say with a lot of conviction which I thoroughly believed in, “Management lessons are not learnt in classrooms”.

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Prof. Tausif Mistry
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