Leisure just means the time when one is free from one’s work. It is known as spare time or rest time.

Leisure time gives us the freedom from long hours of work and labour. It is a chance to fill oneself with renewed energy to start the task of life with zeal and enthusiasm. Play is as important as work. It refreshes us and gives us a rest from the hectic schedules of daily routines. In today’s fast paced work environment our body is constantly busy with work. Leisure time refreshes and rejuvenates us and helps us to get ready for upcoming tasks and challenges. We can use leisure time to groom our personality. We can use our leisure time to satisfy our recreation demands. We can read holy books, adventurous and knowledgeable books that will broaden our knowledge. We can enjoy our leisure time by listening to music, learning, painting and other social and creative activities. A walk through the garden isn’t a bad choice. We can do some gardening and breathe some fresh air. We can even have a stamp collection and coin collection; it is good for learning and fun. Life without leisure is boring. Our leisure should suit our resources, time and temperament. Only then leisure will be enjoyable and profitable………………………


Alisha Bhowmick
Std. V Theta
Indira National School

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