Virtual Campus Placements Initiatives @ Indira

Virtual Campus Placements Initiatives at Indira

The Corona pandemic has engulfed the world. No business sector is unaffected by this calamity. The world economy is at a standstill somewhat regressive. The scenario is alarming as we are on the verge of another great depression. Soaring prices of essential goods owing to the shortage are coupled with indiscriminate layoffs and subsequent unemployment.

Coming years are harsh; booming sectors such as Information Technology, Automobile, Infrastructure, etc. are seeing a downward curve. It is tough to secure an excellent job in such a volatile market. This has created a feeling of uncertainty and insecurity amongst the students.

Campus placements at Indira Group of Institutes (IGI) are unaffected by the current state of affairs. The efficient ‘corporate relations dept’ managed by the proficient members is creating records. In the situation where other colleges and placement agencies are struggling, IGI can ride the wave.

IGI online initiatives to stay connected with recruiters have shown excellent results. Online Interviews, Mock tests, online resumes, etc. has opened new venues for campus placement processes, and it will be the way ahead.

IGI goes the extra mile to make the students suitable for the recruiters. Along with academic excellence, we concentrate on soft-skills and interpersonal skills and personality development. Regular industrial visits, lectures by industry leaders, and national/international tours make our students smart, confident, and resourceful. This gives our students an edge over the other suitors.

IGI has strong bonds with numerous corporate houses that facilities recruitment. The placement cell works tirelessly round the year for securing a rewarding placement for all the students in good companies.

Even in the current condition of nationwide lockdown and social distancing norms, placement at IGI is in full swing. It has harnessed the technology to ease the process of recruitment by using numerous applications made available to the students. Our industry partners conduct online eligibility tests, online group discussions, online HR rounds, even online interviews through these applications. Also, the induction training is done online, and our students have started to work from home for their employers.

Even in difficult times, IGI can place its students from different fields like management, pharmacy, architecture, engineering, etc., in top companies. This is possible because of the dedicated placement cell, supportive staff, co-operative management, and enthusiastic students.

The time may be tough, but we are tougher.

IGI believes in taking the challenges head-on and emerging victorious in every situation. We assure the students to be secure about their placement and promise to do our best for the benefit of our students.

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