Why Digital Media for Business?

Online communities for Business Penetration

One of the best ways to understand your target market is to join online communities that are relevant to your industry. Find online groups such as Facebook groups, Google+ communities, LinkedIn groups, online forums, and other communities that are related to hotels, resorts, travel or tourism. By actively having conversations with your target market in various online communities, you will be able to understand their needs better.

Some types of online communities that a Business would want to join in our Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and other social media platforms that offer free pages or channels for business.

Here are some interesting facts and statistics why you should leverage social media marketing for your Business:

  • There are79 billion monthly active users on Facebook.
  • 60 billion monthly active Facebook users are on mobile.
  • 51% of all Internet users are on Facebook.
  • Twitter has 317 million active users.
  • 90% of Twitter users are on mobile.
  • Instagram has 500 million users.
  • 100 million photos and videos are sent daily on Instagram.
  • 55% of internet users aged 18-29 use Instagram.
  • 80% of Internet users on Pinterest are female.
  • 150 million users are on Pinterest.
  • LinkedIn has 467 million registered members.
  • YouTube sees an upload of 100 hrs of videos every hour.
  • People, nowadays, are too busy to read long articles or stories on the Internet. This is why images are one of the most important elements used by marketers to optimize their blog posts and social media posts.

Aren’t these statistics enough for you to think of Digital Marketing for your Business?

Use stunning photos

  • Images are also great storytellers. This is why blog posts that contain several interesting pictures are more likely to become viral on the Internet. indianbloggers.com, topindianblogs.com, bloggerspassion.com are few of India’s most popular blogs. They don’t talk too many words in their blog posts but generously share interesting photos.
  • Web pages and blog posts that utilize several interesting pictures also get more search engine visibility because images are also indexed by search engines.
  • In social media, web pages and blog posts that use compelling photos are also earning more engagements, such as likes, shares, comments, and click-throughs. From viral videos to memes to pictorial lists an image online says more than a 1000 words, it speaks for your users in a way never seen before.
  • The fantastic thing about images and videos is that they are all-industry-inclusive. Social media and other online marketing techniques sate customers desire for information; add an image of your team, a ‘behind the scenes’ moment in your company or even a simple product video to the mix and you are giving the people what they want.
  • There is a whole muddle of avenues a brand can go down to make itself more visual and to make its marketing more image/video-based. But getting the basics right is the most important.

“Digital Marketing” along with “Business Analytics”, is the future of Business. The two have caused many disruptions thus making existing business models redundant. To stay relevant in business, that’s the way to go. Indira Group of Institutes, one of the top Education brands in India has tied up with FOM Germany, a premier global brand in this field, to make the potential entrepreneurs and corporate executives gear up for these challenges. IGSC (Indira Global Study Center) is the Institute bred through this JV which conducts a 2-year thorough course on Digital Marketing and Business Analytics.


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