Why One Should do Yoga and Promote It?


Yoga has become important in our daily life. One should daily wake up early in the morning, do yoga for half an hour followed by Pranayam and Dhyana (concentration). Slowly time durations should be increased for yoga.

  • Yoga is for people of all age.
  • Yoga takes you in internal world of mind.
  • Yoga removes darkness within us and enlighten us with wisdom.
  • “Pranayam” & “Dhayan” are two main ingredients of Yoga.
  • We live in past or future. Past is lost, future we do not know. Yoga teaches us to live in present.
  • Yoga is said to be complete science.
  • Yoga is used to heal mentally. It takes the help of Pranayam, Dhayan. Implementation is very important part of Yoga.
  • Yoga emphasis person as Soul, Atama, Chetanaya and not merely a physical form.
  • Yoga concept is to live in this world with God. If you believe in him, he (GOD) will take you to heights. He come to run you.
  • Yoga promotes nationality and hence it should be promoted.
  • Yoga is meant to increase your age.
  • PRAN (Hindi) – is mother, teacher, father and everything. Even in Mahabharata GOD told Arjuna to become Yogi. Word Yoga comes from Yogi.
  • Two things are there Yogi & Bhogi. Become Yogi and not Bhogi. YOGI is helpful to all while BHOGI person is not useful to all.
  • Yoga will control your “ego”, “anger”, “emotion”, “ahankar” and many other bad parameters inside you.
  • Inside us is our SOUL which is believed to be GOD, BHRAMANAD. One should awaken him to leave in Bhramand.
  • Last stage in Yoga is “Samadhi”. All problems dissolve before you attain this state of Enlightment.
  • Just as whole world is being control by unseen SUPREME POWER called by different name ALLAH, BHAGWAN, VAHE GURU, SHIV, VISHNU, ALMIGHTY. Similarly ATAMA lies inside us which cannot be seen.
  • Yoga controls all parameters inside us. g. if feelings of anger come inside you, you become  animal, If  revenge feeling comes you  become  revenge like animal, if greed come within you, you become Greedy person  and many other things. So Yoga makes you conscious of all feelings inside you to become a Human being useful for yourself, your family, college, society, India and world.

  • Pranayam is to control our breathing, words, and internal body mechanism.
  • Pranayam involves kapalbharti, Vinolom-Anulom , Bharay Pranam, Noli Kriya and many other.
  • Yoga makes your body healthy by giving you energy i.e builds hardware while Pranayam heals your software.
  • Pranayam should be followed by Dhyan like Concentrating and controlling you mind through inhaling and exhaling air.
  • Yoga controls  your bad habit and cures  diseases like  Chewing Tobacco, Depression, Arthritis, cancer, hepatitis,  drinking  and many others. Thus prevention is better than cure.

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Dr. Manjusha Tomar, 
Indira College of Engineering & Management, Pune





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