Engineering: Continues it’s journey of being a lucrative choice?

Engineering is the application of sciences to translate the laws of science and provide physical appearance to the various laws.

For example, Boyles law states that pressure is inversely proportional to volume the same law is used to run a locomotive steam engine, James Watt applied the law to develop the engine. This is how engineering came into existence. Ohms law helped us to develop modern geysers and heaters.

The engineering started progressing through Mechanical, Civil, and Electrical engineering at its base the present spread of engineering into a variety of branches is just an extension and amalgamation of these 3 core branches of engineering.

Engineering has been a career choice across the globe for many aspirants’ years before and will always be the choice of career in many disciplines hereafter.

Engineering is nothing but bringing ideas into physical existence. Irrespective of disciplines students will always keep seeking admission to engineering as it provides the satisfaction of creation. Humans’ natural ability and the quest is for creating something a small algorithm developed and converted into a program to make some tasks easier is also the creator and leads to quenching the thirst of creating something.

Civil engineer creates exemplary and astonishing structures and lays the pavement if nation development and nation-building. Mechanical engineer helps create and manufacture everything which is being used by us daily from toothpaste, soaps, utensils, switches, vehicles, ships, airplanes, rockets and missiles.

Electrical engineering helps the energy generation, transmission, and optimization of energy resources to help run all mechanical and allied systems. The only thing that has been changed is the use of technology for the creation of all these things.

Nowadays the use of computers, robots, and automatic wired and wireless control devices has revamped the face of the industry to a large extent. The industry is moving towards man-less and remotely controlled operations of machines and towards personalization and customized production.

The core engineering is getting more and more beautiful with these advents in programming, data analysis, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. The systems are in place only the role of humans and their intervention has greatly changed.

The industry today is demanding persons with multiple abilities to tackle the hardware as well as software part. The industry needs the expertise to handle the huge quantum of data being generated through the production process, market feedbacks, market analysis, etc.

This data has to be handled effectively to bring the market desired changes in the products and services. Along with production on the front end, the back-end team of engineers is also going to affect the entire engineering largely.

That is why engineering is still and always be lucrative career irrespective of the discipline chosen to make a career in as in every field of engineering is making use of the technology to advance in current times and is blend of mechanical, electronics, programming, and networking all is required to be a successful engineer of contemporary requirement.

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