School to degree college transition is one of the hardest for any student. Observe any 12th grade pass out student, you will see all ranges of heightened emotions, curiosity is at its peak, equal excitement and nervousness hangs around the corner which is mostly for getting admission into your choice of field or college, and whether you will be able to have the same friend’s circle or not, and then finally comes a time where everyone takes an important decision setting up the tone for the rest of life.  I was no different to this, and I had already back then decided to become a scientist.

    College hunting began and somehow Pawar sir’s convincing words made me to think to decide upon ICP for shaping my future. I embarked on a journey of ICP in year 2011, decision with zero regrets. B. Pharm first year was the toughest one for me, unknown of group of students in same classroom, organic chemistry hybridization concepts, inorganic chemistry spiraling in my mind, intro into pharmaceutics feared to be accurate and consistent in labelling requirements and formulation practical and then finally exciting HAP subject and so on. But I was fortunate that I was able to go through this smoothly when Aamir sir, Vishakha mam, Aditi mam, Kumbhar sir were there along the way for mentoring.

Unknown group of students became close friends of mine for life, lot of casual moments were spent on the garden. Basketball, xeroxing notes, sharing food, journal writing session in library, a healthy competition between A, B and C batches during practical session, trekking to all awesome spots in Pune, attending lectures of course, and casually enjoying my friends prepping for exams up to last moment became a suddenly cherished routine for me. Medichem and Analysis became my two favorite subjects and that was only possible because Mauli mam and Manasi mam’s teaching ,I just loved it.

This is equally true for all the subjects, our all teachers from ICP, they pour their hearts out to teach the subject whether it is MDP, Management, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutics, Pharmacognosy. That is more of a reason that my foundation in pharmacy field became concrete and kudos to teachers for that. All four years went in a really cherished way. Amazing recommendation letters from Anagha mam and Kannoor sir allowed me to have a place in Campbell University, USA.

Life goes on, I have finally achieved the dream of working as a scientist in Analytical Development and I am equally happy to share that all my friends are leading good successful professional life. I was glad that I went to ICP and created a foundation for me and my friends. I would wish all the best for future students and current students of ICP and would be delighted to connect with them or looking forward to hearing their part of the story.

Blog By:

Shreyas Deo,

ICP Alumni of Batch 2015.

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