Automation is one of those words which when attached to any field of the work, resembles assigned tasks to be completed without any physical efforts, accurately and within the proposed time limit. Mechanical automation is one of the booming fields in industry 4.0. During this pandemic COVID – 2019, no one is unaware of the role of mechanically automated robot serving to the infected COVID patients to avoid any physical contact with medicines and food.

Duty of Mechanical Engineer along with Automation 

Whether we are talking for multi-bedded hospitals setup for the infected patients or for the quick down line construction of hospitals that is only possible within limited time due to the venerated mechanical engineers and their pragmatic approach towards the need of a paradigm shift of the society using technologies as 3D printed materials, rapid response construction & extra-terrestrial construction. Endeavours of mechanical engineers along with medical science act a protective shield for the patients during this pandemic.

Change of lifetime habits 

To fight against coronavirus millions of safety goggles, masks, and shields are produced by manufacturing industries based on mechanical automation. Also, as sanitizer has come up as day to day accessory whether sanitizer bottle making through extrusion process or automatic filling of bottles, all are done through Mechanical Automation Industry.

Even if we turn our focus on all the available coronavirus test kits as well as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in the market, no one can deny the crucial part of mechanical automation as a paramount in manufacturing of fully or semi-automated mechanical industries.

With the strong basic strength of design and manufacturing in the mechanical field, it’s time to refine and redefining our thinking towards the mechanical branch of engineering as automation in mechanical. When the whole has succumbed before this pandemic, the only way out to fight against this COVID situation is to take precautions by making use of all the products available in the market manufactured through mechanical automation.

Mechanical engineers are not only driven by manufacturing and automation alone but also serving the humanism at this the pandemic situation of COVID – 2019.


Blog by

Ms. Smriti Sahu and Ms. Ashwini Gaikwad,

Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering, ICEM Pune.

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