“I will be the Mechanical Engineer”

I will be the Mechanical Engineer

The world where we live today and the future that awaits is the manifestation of fundamental elements from nature to be transformed through Mechanical Engineering.

M.E drives the entire world from the wristwatch to the roller coaster, to the huge propellers and turbines that generate electric power. Everything that has moved or movements of any kind sets its power of Mechanical Engineering.

It creates a new world altogether. The transformation of a metal hat is unearthed and is clung with mud & dust, to the finished product having the mirror-like finishing.

Mechanical Engineering enabled us to enhance the pace of doing the work process and various reactions. The petroleum fuel which moves a motorbike and which propeller an airplane, space vehicles is possible only because of M.E.

Mechanical Engineers have also explored the new Eco-friendly Green Energy resources to fulfill the need of Energy requirements of the day to day life. These are Biogas, Wind, Solar, Tidal energy, etc. M.E has started using the stored battery power supply for the operation of various machines which were earlier run by AC supply only.

Mechanical Engineers are started Manufacturing and Fabrication of various Goods for use of humans on earth with the help of Robots. Robotics & Automations found in the various company is a collaboration of Mechanical and Electronics Engineering. Mechanical Engineer is used to Computer and Computer Aids, for preparations of Product Models and reduced actual testing and validation cost of Product during Manufacturing

Blog By:

Mr. Vishal Meshram

Assistant Professor,

Mechanical Engineering, Indira COE. Pune

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