The purpose of life is to realize oneself and to be ourselves. In due realization, gaining education makes the human being more knowledgeable, to behave socially acceptable, build character, provides success and gain self -respect in the society.  We do not need mere academic education; we need more values education. A person who is morally educated will be a lot better equipped to move up in life or succeed than a morally bankrupt person with excellent academic qualifications. Value based education is a tool which not only provides a profession but also a purpose in life. Value based education is a three-fold development. It tries to develop three aspects, physique, mentality and character. Even though physique and mentality are important, they are perils without the third because character is the greatest of these. India has more than nine percent of annual growth rate during the last decade. In order to sustain the growth rate, there is a need to increase the quality of the human capital with higher education combined with human values. Value-based education in India, for the most part management education with human values help to build knowledge based societies with human touch for betterment of people and healthy living.

Values form the basis for all our thoughts, behavior and actions. It must be of the people, for the people, and by the people. Values embrace common moral decencies such as philanthropy, integrity, freedom, justice, honesty, truthfulness, responsibility, compassion and reflect the normative standards which human beings discover and develop through living together. A value system is like a navigation system for both, personal and professional life. Management institutes incorporate spirituality and values in the course curriculum to improve spiritual thinking, dedication and values for right decisions at right time, ability to cope stress and steering the organization to fulfill all stakeholders’ expectations.

In this concern, IIMPGDM management education ties Innovative methods of teaching human values and it is rooted into curriculum as values -based curricular activities and value-based extra-curricular activities. To roundabout, physical fitness series- sports, yoga, meditation, aerobic fitness exercise aids to quieten the body and the mind and thus enabling the student to focus on  his/her thoughts, Group tasks and accomplishments, socially responsible events, cultural celebrations, sessions, etc, thus direct the students towards character building which is the hallmark of education. Hence, The Human Values induced management education system does prepare a dedicated human capital for dealing with life and induced way to fulfill the aspirations and  contributes to create a common vision and means for moving forward toward a more peaceful and sustainable world.



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Mr. Krushna P Mishra

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