MBA- A Lucrative Career Option

Completion of graduation comes with more challenges than relief. No matter how extraordinarily or moderately you perform; you will be justified with only one question and that is – What next?

This time is strenuous for everyone. It demands an in-depth evaluation of your career path based on your skills, orientation and market demands. Opting for a job or initiating a venture is preferred options but it has their shortcoming too. Thus post-graduation course seems a better option. It gives you require time and skills to decide a course of life.

Another dilemma faced by all the aspirants is which course to opt. You can go to the master’s programme which would add specialised skills over your graduation or go for a management degree.

MBA is no doubt the best option for adding knowledge, honing your skills and preparing you for a promising career. Here are a few of the advantages of doing an MBA from a reputed institute.

  • Knowledge addition:

Pursuing an MBA helps in increasing the knowledge of students in their area of specialisation. It provides them with an in-depth understanding of their domain, their role in the industry and insight of the corporate world.

  • Career growth:

MBA is the most preferred qualification in the corporate world through the world. There are countless opportunities to join a corporate house on a managerial post. It also helps in appraisals or promotions and climbing the higher rung of the management hierarchy.

  • Employability:

A graduate has limited scope for employment and that too in his own domain. But MBA opens almost all the domains for him. He can work for every domain, thus increasing his chances of getting employed in the desired sector and the desired organisation.

  • Higher-Income:

There is a great demand for MBA’s in the corporate circuits. An MBA is offered a higher package as compared to other degrees. Also, the salary hike is higher than his peers.

  • International Opportunities:

MBA degree is celebrated all around the globe. An MBA has higher chances of working abroad in world-renowned organisations. An MBA is preferred in the US and Europe.

  • Entrepreneurial Opportunities:

MBA degree is not only job oriented but it develops an entrepreneurial attitude as well. It provides the required technical, legal and managerial skills to initiate and run a successful business.

  • Holistic Development:

MBA degree aims at the overall development of an individual along with academic excellence. The activities and curriculum are so designed that it helps build confidence, positive attitude and problem-solving approach amongst the students.

  • Social Recognition:

Apart from financial stability and job satisfaction, MBA’s have social creditability. It helps us satisfy higher needs such as social recognition and respect.

MBA at Indira Group of Institutes:

Having an MBA degree is necessary for any promising career, but it is important to do it from a renowned institute like Indira Group of Institute (IGI).

IGI is a revered name in the educational sphere in the country, especially for our Management programs. Two of our ace institutes, Indira Global Business School (IGSC) and Indira College of Engineering and Management (ICEM) offers a two-year, full-time MBA degree course in MBA. It has specialisations like Marketing Management, Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Operations.

IGSC and ICEM have proficient and experienced teachers. The colleges are equipped with world-class infrastructure and have an excellent placement record.

Situated in the serene expanse of Parandwadi in the outskirts of Pune city, these institutes provide an optimum environment which fosters development in academic, physical and mental fronts.

We are eager to welcome you to our institutes and experience a life-transforming learning experience.

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